In new series, Luminaries, Dose brings together health-focused thought leaders

Dose and AbelsonTaylor bring together health-focused thought leaders in new series, Luminaries. The show's next stop is Cannes for the two-day Lions Health event.

The agency's original series brings together a pair of forward thinking minds to discuss big ideas in the fields of health and technology. Watch the episodes at

After years of attending conferences and seeing presentations, it's inevitable you would seek a more dynamic conversation with enlightening speakers. Luminaries is intent on capturing all those interesting conversations you don’t see in traditional presentations.

Together, Dose and AT aim to share these enlightening discussions with the health and technology communities. The most recent series, shot this spring at SXSW, featured Luminaries from Amazon, Alphabet’s Verily, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Inspiration for Luminaries came from Dose Executive Producer Mitch Apley and Senior Artist Joel Witmer. The two attended health hackathons and conferences, and afterwards would casually recap and discuss the new concepts shared at the events.  Joel reflected, "You know what? That would make a great format for a show."

After putting their concept to the test at SXSW, Apley summed up why this concept works so well: "There are some conversations where you witness the synthesis of new ideas as they develop between two individuals And when you see those moments, it’s magical – it’s fascinating."